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Hello and welcome to my Blog page!   On this page, as time permits, I intend to write about all things Flight Simulation and other bits and pieces concerning my career in virtual aviation.    At least TWO videos will appear on my YouTube Channel each week and occasionally more, so visit my channel at VIRTUALAIRLINEPILOT if you would like to watch them and also to comment on them which I encourage viewers to do.    This BLOG is a new venture for me, so bear with me as I get going...... 


Thursday 26th October 2023 - 13:20 Zulu .....

Now with over 900 subscribers to my YouTube Channel and some 416 Videos posted, I continue to both fly for my six Virtual Airlines and research scenery products, exclusively now for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.   I hope to try and group some of my videos into Playlists to make them easier to find.   Currently, you can see my BOTSWANA BUSH PILOT Series as a Playlist.

Using the built-in NVidia ShadowPlay feature, part of my NVidia Control Panel software, I capture live video within the Simulator to produce my Product Reviews and I'm also filming some of my FLIGHT ADVENTURE videos, in addition to the Product Reviews.   I have had lots of comments and now I have some very regular viewers who support my channel and comment.

If you wish, you can also now BUY-ME-A-COFFEE.           It's cheap and the donations will help towards the costs of producing my video content and they are greatly appreciated.   If you wish to donate and help me, click on the MUG above to buy me a coffee!

Recently, I have been setting out my goals.   Over the last few months, I have added a second Monitor to my set up (huge help!), purchased a brand new, bigger desk, increased my System RAM from 32GB to 64GB and also purchased both the Honeycombe Alpha Flight Yoke and Honeycombe Bravo Throttle Quadrant, where I roped in my friend Neil to help me set them up.   My aim is to produce at least TWO videos each week and occasionally an additional Flight Adventure video for my viewers.     I also really want to learn how to carry out a Live Stream.    When I reach 1000 subscribers, I want to start a MERCH option, as I have some T-Shirt, Mug and Cap designs for my Brand.   For video editing, I have moved up to Magix Vegas Pro 20 (used to be Sony Vegas).    Previously for a few years, I used Vegas Movie Studio HD for while)

My website is still going strong - you are looking at it !!       and I have an INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK account too.   All doing quite well.  Check out my YouTube channel - VIRTUALAIRLINEPILOT  - and find me on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM by clicking on the above links!

So may I send wishes for a great Summer of 2023 to all my Subscribers!    You are very important to me and I value your opinion !   All the best for the Year - LEE "CAPTAIN" JAMES - VirtualAirlinePilot 2023

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