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Hello and welcome to my Blog page!   On this page, I intend to write about the reviews, videos, products, flights and other bits and pieces concerning my career in virtual aviation.   Videos will appear on my YouTube Channel - VirtualAirlinePilot - at least once per week and occasionally more, so if you would like me to comment on anything, let me know via the video comments and tell me what you think.  This is a new venture for me, so bear with me as I get going...... 


 Saturday 2nd January 2021 (12:30z) .....

 I continue to post videos and slowly add to my list of wonderful Subscribers, each very important to me.   The BUSH PILOT series is   doing well and I now have SEVEN videos up on my YouTube channel.   Video No.8 will be the last one in this series.   As my video content   grows, I have decided that it is time to start putting PLAYLISTS together on my channel to help viewers find the content.   One playlist   featuring the Bush Pilot videos, one featuring Reviews and another playlist that will feature my Adventure flights in Prepar3D or MSFS2020.   This will come online soon.

 Over the last week, I have been setting out my goals for this year.   To try to get myself out there more and grow my subscriber base and to   improve the content and quality of my videos.   I use Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 17.0 and I have learned a lot about how to use it and to   enhance my editing skills.   I also want to build a video INTRO that relates specifically to the video content I am producing.   One Intro for   Reviews, one for Flying Adventures and another for MSFS2020 content.   Lastly, I want to set up a FaceBook page and Instagram account   for  VIRTUALAIRLINEPILOT.   I tried this before and it did not go well so I am enlisting help in setting this up.   There is a lot of work to do.

 So may I say Happy New Year to all my Subscribers!  You are very important to me and I value your opinion !   All the best for 2021 !

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