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My Virtual Airlines & My Fleet

Currently, I fly for SIX virtual airlines!  A "virtual airline" is exactly that - an internet based, simulated version of a real world airline.  Most of the 200 or so virtual airlines on the internet (known as VA's) are free to join and are often based on a real world counterpart - and they work hard to reflect their real world counterpart's Flight Operations.   If you have a Flight Simulation programme, then you can join up.   Most VA's are very friendly, have a range of flying opportunities for both skilled and novice simulator pilots (we are known as "Simmers") and can provide a sense of purpose to your computer flying activities.

Kowloon International 

Kowloon International is an example of a fictional virtual airline that is NOT based on a real world existing airline.   Some years ago, I was among the team that began setting this VA up, but it did not work out and the VA no longer exists.   Real pity - I always liked the paint job!


My Virtual Airlines ....

These are the Virtual Airlines that I currently fly for.   I fly for all of these because they give me the chance to operate all over the virtual world and I am not just restricted to Europe for example.   I can fly in North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific region, including Australia and New Zealand.  Each VA has it's own ACARs software (used for recording your flight and therefore your flying hours/logbook) and it's own pilot requirements, which mostly are easy to fulfil.   Now, I also have my own Private Virtual Airline VAP AIR, with 16 aircraft and 2 Helicopters !



BAVirtual  -  based on the real British Airways and my primary VA



FlyUK  -  a fictional British styled VA that has a variety of operating aircraft and routes, plus code shares.



TUI Virtual - another British styled VA that replicates the operations of the real TUI Group of Airlines, this VA encompasses schedules from it's European partners, including TUI Belgium, TUI Germany and TUI Holland.



Pegasus Virtual  -  a Turkish VA, mirroring it's real world low-cost Turkish counterpart, these guys are a very friendly bunch!  They operate only the Boeing 737-800 and the Airbus A320 aircraft over many international routes.



Virtual Airlines of Ukraine  - primarily focused on Ukraine's national carrier UIA, this VA also includes other Ukrainian carriers including SkyUp, Windrose, Azur Air, MotorSich and Bravo Airways.



World Wide Virtual  -  Huge number of routes;  Create your own Charters;   Fly virtually anywhere!   Another great bunch of guys and a really great ACARs tracking utility too.


United Airlines 

Here is an example of a virtual airline that IS based on a real world existing airline.   There are at least THREE different VA's based on United Airlines and they each have something to offer the simulator pilot.   United Virtual is probably the most popular today.


My Fleet ....

These are the aircraft I fly today, pretty much in the order I fly them.   I try to list my hours as well.   In years gone by, I was heavily involved with the 747-400 and some of my hours are not logged.   But this is kind of accurate ... 

Boeing 737...

I have flown the 737 and all it's variants in the simulator for some time, but today it is mostly the PMDG 737-800 or the -900 and -900ER with occasional flights using the -600 and -700.   Current hours =  

Airbus A320-200...

Having been a Boeing man most of my simulated career, it was refreshing to get into the FSLabs Airbus A320 X and now with over 200 hours on her, I really enjoy this jet.   I mainly fly this aircraft for my main airline BAVirtual        Current hours =  

Boeing 787...

Boeing's newest jet, the Dream Liner, I fly both the -800 and -900 variants, developed by the Team at QualityWings.   Fun to fly and a very stable jet to land.    Current hours =  

Boeing 777...

I fly the 777-200LRF and Freighter version, both developed by PMDG (who else?) and recently I have acquired the -300 variant and need to get my first flight in!     Current hours =  

Boeing 747-400 ...

Why is this jet listed last, I hear you say?  For some time now, my flying has been mainly short/medium haul.   In the past, I had a lot of time for long hauls and so many hours were racked up, certainly while testing.  These days, I get to fly her now and again.   Developed yet again by PMDG, the Queen is a beauty to fly and a real handful for Single Pilot Operations!   Sadly, many airlines are phasing this great jet out of their operating environment now.   A sad time.   But I have many memories of flying her into Hong Kong's old Kai Tak Airport!  

Current hours =  

Helicopters ...

I have dabbled in helicopters over the years, but more recently in P3Dv4.5, I now fly the MilViz MD530F and the MilViz Bell 407, both very nice to fly and a challenge to land!   They will be used mainly for scenery exploration and to help with my reviews.    Current hours =  

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