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                                               LATEST NEWS - SATURDAY 01 OCTOBER 2022 - 11:05 Zulu ...

    LATEST NEWS  . . . .

   FSLTL Live Traffic For MSFS 2020 - A new Online/Offline AI Traffic Tool Available   
   FSLTL is a standalone and totally free real-time online traffic tool with VATSIM model-matching options for MSFS.   With over 900 liveries and great
  sound sets, and using the FLYBYWIRE INSTALLER, this can be downloaded and installed with minimal fuss.   Grab the latest FlyByWire A320NEO
  Airliner via the FlyByWire Installer HERE;   And get the User Guide HERE.

   World Update XI - CANADA - Now available
   Microsoft has created Canada as the subject of World Update 11, processing huge amounts of satellite imagery, geospatial data, aerial
  photography and digital elevation models.   The update includes 12 Photogrammetry areas and some 87 hand crafted POIs.   The download is
  around 15GB and is available FREE from within MSFS via the MARKETPLACE.

GSX Pro - Major Update
The chaps over at FSDREAMTEAM have announced a Major Update to their GSX Pro add-on for MSFS.   This popular utility that provides Ground
  Services for MSFS, initially had problems, but many of the issues highlighted by Users who purchased the software, have been fixed and now GSX
  Pro for MSFS also has some new features as well as an updated User Manual too.   Get the latest version HERE


     COMING NEXT WEEK . . . .

  I went ahead and got my hands on the latest offering from developer
  Gary Summons at UK2000Scenery.   We take a look at BELFAST CITY
  AIRPORT (EGAC) for MSFS.   I am a big supporter of Gary's work and
  I have many of his sceneries for FSX and P3D, so I had no hesitation in
  purchasing this product for review.   Check out the video review on my
  YouTube channel next week . . . 


   Recently released by developer AMSIM, we check out this new
  scenery product, available from both SIMMARKET and ORBX.   One
  of Italy's busiest International airports, this airfield is also used by the
  Italian Air Force.   Featuring a detailed Main Terminal, fully modelled
  buildings surrounding the airport, as well as dirt and other features, I
  find the price quite attractive.   Check out the review next week . . .  


  During the week, I flew the Ethiopian Airlines 737-800 on a flight
  from ACCRA in Ghana to KADUNA in Nigeria.   I filmed the flight
  but there are issues with the footage.   I hope to resolve them and 
  release the video later next week. 



  I was asked recently during a live flight, about the use of the flight code VAP for my private airline and so I decided to post an ORIGIN page to
  show the research I did to enable me to use this code from the now defunct South American airline that previously used it.    So check out the 
ORIGIN OF VAP AIR page!       

   Future Developments . . . 

  More Reviews still to come !   
  Yes, watch for more reviews and hopefully some Live Streams to come in due course.   Also . . . .

  I now have a page on
Facebook  and a new page on Instagram both dedicated to my channel.   Check them out here -       

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    Check out my YouTube Channel  -  VIRTUALAIRLINEPILOT - for all my latest videos!   I try to release at least one video each
  week, but mostly it's two or more !




Hello and welcome to my site.   I have been a home Desktop Virtual Pilot for over

30 years.   Whilst I was once a former beta tester for Microsoft UK, way back in the

day and have been involved with flying full size, home built Flight Simulators as

part of a Team of Virtual Pilots raising money for charity, I now fly airliners across

the world for a small group of Virtual Airlines with dedicated volunteers.   You will

find them listed on my ABOUT ME page.   I have over 14,000 virtual flying hours

and these days, I am getting into video capture and editing.   Flight Simulation lends

itself really well to this kind of thing and so, by way of these pages, I would like to try

and show you what goes on in the virtual flying world and give you a flavour of the Aircraft, the Pilots, the Scenery available for the main Simulation Platforms and to discuss bits and pieces in a regular blog.   As the new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 product has now been released, I will also be exploring this new Simulation developed by Asobo Studios and led by the Microsoft Team who created the source of our obsession in the first place!!    This site is a work in progress so please bear with me as I build the site and add content.   Thank you for visiting ....

VAP AIR - My Virtual Airline
Scenery Highlights & Reviews
Hi There!

VirtualAirlinePilot  is a new project to build a Brand and a Private Virtual Airline.   I will  be show-casing video content, Adventure Flights and Reviews about new and current products for Flight Simulator 2020 and Prepar3D.   I have purchased the Premium Edition  of MSFS2020 and so will be examining and evaluating this product and other related topics that both you and I find interesting too.   As I get used to using my video software (Vegas Movie Studio 18), I will be producing flying videos as often as I can, mainly each week on a SATURDAY around 12:00GMT, featuring these products, as well as ADVENTURE FLIGHTS featuring some of my more interesting landings and takeoffs from across the virtual world for my own Airline VAP AIR and the virtual airlines that I fly for.   I also have a very good friend and flying buddy, NEIL WARMAN, who got me into this video thing in the first place and with whom I fly online frequently!   Check out Neil's YouTube Channel VIRTUAL FLIGHT VIDEOS for some great videos and streams!   Videos will be available on my YouTube Channel with notifications and links to those videos posted here on my site too.   Thank you for your kind interest in my project.   Lee James (The Captain) - West Sussex UK

 Lee James & Neil Warman